Here you will find some of our clients transformations....not all we just picked a couple!





 Fay Moustafa Fay Moustafa, 1 year transformation


 Simone Shariff, 6 months transformation


 Larissa Kaleta, 6 months transformation


 Shelley Sclavos, 1 month transformation



   Ilias, 3 months transformation


  Lena N., 3 months transformation                                                                    


 Alina Estaban, 3 months transformation



 Vanessa Gospel, 3 months transformation



 Nick Politis, 1 month transformation



 Kathy Tsilinikos, 1 month transformation










And our members of elite devision that keep pushing the limits!


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You do not need New Year or Monday to get started and to change the way you feel about yourself . You just need this moment