Our Services

Our mission is to help you to achieve your health and fitness goals through education, motivation and individualization. We aim to educate our clients about how to safely and effectively exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle and to help each to work towards health goals. Our Personal Trainers develop exercise programs that fit your needs and goals and will help you to determine the best strategies to make progress or efficiently maintain fitness. As part of the process the Personal Trainers strive to empower each client with accurate information and resources to help you feel more confident in your fitness endeavors.

PTDEN experts focus on delivering results utilizing performance and functional one to one training, semi-private training, and educating our members on proper nutrition habits. All nutrition plans are customized to each client’s metabolic type.

We recognize that every individual has his/her own needs and set of unique fitness goals. Whether you want to make changes to your present program or to safely and wisely begin a new program, PTDEN can help you attain your goals!



We are best in providing the following services:


Semi-private training

One on one training

Fat loss

Resistance Training

Postural correction

Core strength

Functional training

Post-natal training

Diabetes, High blood pressure and cholesterol management



PTDEN’s unique blend of services for youth, adults and athletes, makes it a facility that is one of a kind. It continues to evolve and grow with innovative training methods and fitness experts that consistently work on developing their skills.


PTDEN really deserves a visit. The atmosphere of PTDEN is a non-competitive and very inviting, and great for all levels. It is certainly one of those must see locations to really appreciate the variety of fitness options open to you.Reach your fitness goals in the shortest time possible. No matter your goals or current fitness level, we provide best services that can help you get and stay in shape.