Testimonials & Success Stories


Amanda.jpg - small Amanda Dounis, Brighton Le Sands

I joined PTDEN shortly after it opened. Not only did i find it to consist of a team of educated professionals, I was also welcomed by a family. I have been trained by both Za and Mirella, and I must say they both possess distinct skills and talent which are both similar and different from each other. They both consult not only with each other, but with the professional industry. As my health has fluctuated from time to time, I have relied on the team at PTDEN to get me back on track. With my personal needs of injury and nutrition, my faith in the team has proven to be a good decision. I am treated not just as a client, I am treated as mission, a mission to succeed in my goals and ambitions. I cannot speak highly enough about this business, and I appreciate the time and effort they invest in my and my associates who also use their service. Since I began, I have watched their business, and success grow. Amanda Dounis (very happy client).


Chris.png - smallChristopher Kwan, Sydney

 When I first met 'Big Zah' I was blown away by his compassion. It is his life work to forge others into the best they can be.

Stopping to pass on his decades of knowledge to anybody that connects with him and you'd be hard pressed to find a trainer

 and trainer's trainer more honourable!

 PT DEN has taken this man's traits to serve as a hub to inspire, transform and facilitate the evolution of those willing to be the best version of themselves yet!

I look forward to working with PT DEN  in the future to realize once more my potential and what is possible in my never ending pursuit to achieve my final form!

Thank you PT Den for your support!



Fay.jpg - smallFay Moustafa, Brighton Le Sands

I have been seeing Mirella for over 4 yrs My experience has been life changing she has become family to me , she's amazing , motivating , and sometimes annoying. I wouldn't have it any other way , thank you pt den . Your the best !

Fay Moustafa x


Fotini.jpg - smallFotini Tsilinikos, Sans Souci

I have been with pt den since the day they opened the studio. i have had continous results in whichever direction i have chosen to take with my training. All my sessions are personalised to ensure i reach my desired goals. Mirella is my personal trainer at the studio and has gotten me results quickly without any injuries. Her knowledge in nutrition and training is brilliant.


Ilias.jpg - smallIlias Papanikolau, Maroubra

 If I was asked to describe the DEN with one word that would be perfection! Its not about just pushing weights. Its about knowledge and understanding your body. I have seen my body change in ways i couldnt ever imagine. 100% satisfied!!


Irene.png - smallIrene Karnavas, Brighton Le Sands

I have been training in PT DEN since March 2012 and he has transformed my body to a level of competing in INBA. They know their stuff and to this day I am still learning. I recommend PT Den 100%.


LenaNecovski.jpg - smallLena N., Tempe

Best thing I ever did was join PT DEN. Its been over a year and I have gained so much knowledge about healthy eating that I cant imagine going back to the way i was. Not only has Mirela pushed and challenged me she has also become a trusted friend, who i respect and admire. So many people have noticed my transformation that i have inspired to do the same. Too many good things have come out of this place, not only for me, but friends, family and work colleagues have enjoyed the benefits. PT Den, is the only place that can produce amazing results.


Elite-Division-3.jpg - smallGeorge Gikas-Rentzos, Brighton Le Sands

 I decided to come into PT DEN as a 62kg 19 Year old male who wanted to put on some size for rugby. Within one year, I had added on 10kg and at 70kg was at around 8% Body Fat. I had a Personal Best of 150kg Squats x 5 along with 40kg Dumbbell Press x 6. The team at PT DEN don't tell you what to do and sit back to watch, they teach you and guide you into the transformation that you want. They will strive to make sure that your eating habits are well, that your form and technique is amazing and that when you look into the mirror 3 months later, that you can't wipe the grin off your face as to how much you've changed! I recommend anyone who needs a jump start into their trainnng, whether it be for bodybuilding/figure competitions, dieting or simply for sports to give Mirela a call!



Maree.png - smallMaree Sorbelo, Sydney

 PT Den put me through my first figure competition and introduced me to a whole new world of training I can't thank them enough for!!


Sevasti.png - smallSevasti Tsavaris, Bexley

I've been training with PT DEN trainers for only 3 months now just to get my body tone back from having a baby 5 months ago. The results I've gotten from these last 3 months, I never achieved training like mad at the gym on my own. The difference was education: they explained the science behind training and diet, the correlation between the two, dispelled the associated myths and the results were evident within a week. I trained like crazy at the gym for years and wasn't getting the results I wanted for the effort I put in. I'm now training smarter, I'm actually training less days a week and eating good food. It's amazing with the right food, the right exercises and the balance between the two can produce astounding results. So happy I chose PTDEN!


Mary.jpg - smallMary Matta, Kyeemagh

I love training at PT DEN! The trainers take you beyond your personal/physical goals. I thrive off their passion for fitness, positiveness and knowledge base feedback. I have seen real sustainable results and have never looked back.

It's been a life changing experience!!


10large.jpg - smallAlina Estaban, Kyeemagh

 I've been training at PT DEN for 11 weeks. In that time I have dropped a dress size and a half. I went from weighing 67-68 kilos,  now I weigh 62 (it's the first time I lost weight through Christmas).

I have also noticeably developed muscles I didn't know I had, I'm looking lean and toned, not bulky.

Those are the physical changes, but most importantly is the way the training has impacted my life, I'm a happier more confident person than I was a couple months ago.. I eat healthier because I want to and I also train on my own and have joined a sports team. I'm sleeping so much better and that's important for a shift worker. I started training at PT DEN to pass a Police Fitness test which I did, I never would have image how much of a positive impact it would make in my life.


tamara.jpg - smallTamara O'Rourke, Sydney

 "My name is Tamara O'Rourke and I have been training at PT DEN for approximately seven months. Throughout these seven months I have been very happy with the results I have received and have a new found appreciation for my health and fitness. Trainers are very professional and work hard to create a diverse range of exercises that target my needs. PT DEN is fun place to train in and I would recommend anyone who wants to get fit, healthy and look good to check them out!"



 Billie Katic, Kyeemagh

 I joined PT DEN because I wanted to look good on the beach. After couple of weeks I noticed that I lost some fat, significantly improved my posture, learned how to eat better to maintain that loss of fat and became generally more toned. Additionally, I developed the consciousness about exercising, eating and life balance in general. I like best: Having the support to challenge myself and keep up with the expected and personalized exercise regime, learning significantly about my body and mentality, great depth of exercise, nutritional and physiological knowledge imparted on me. I would recommend PT DEN to anyone who is thinking about starting exercise and nutrition program.


Maria Voukelatos, Bexley

I was training at Fitness First, Rockdale when my work college recommended that I should train with her at PT DEN. It was a bes decision I have made! My fitness levels have improved, I noticed that my core got much stronger (it was non existant previously even though I was training with a personal trainer at Fitness First for a year), my bum lifted ( no need for surgery when training at PT DEN! lol), and I noticed that my body was more toned. I have been thought the correct way to perform exercises. If you want to achieve your goals and exceed tham than you need to train with Mirela at PT DEN